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ISP Hum Extractor + Decimator

ISP Technologies


The new Hum Extractor and Decimator actually lives up to its claim of eliminating 60 cycle hum without destroying your tone. Not only does it take care of 60 hums in the USA, but it can also be set for either 50 Hz or 60 Hz so it is operational in any country. A line frequency trim is included for precise tuning of the line frequency.  Dynamic in operation, the Hum Extractor provides total transparency. Outstanding for the musician who gigs abroad.  

The Hum Extractor eliminates the hum component and all of the harmonics associated with it. In clean, moderate, or extreme gain, it provides totally transparent operation and preserves the player's tone.


  • Hum Extractor and Decimator with zero digital aliasing

  • Decimator downward expander plus Decimator Dynamic Filtering both with Decimator X technology

  • Hum Extractor with totally transparent operation

  • 2-Channel system allows Decimator to be inserted after gain noise with direct guitar tracking

  • Selectable location for Hum Extractor block

  • State of the art signal processing with super low noise signal path

  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation

  • Greater than 80 dB effective noise reduction

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