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Fulltone Full-Drive 1



The Fulltone Full-Drive has always been a Tube-Screamer killer, plain and simple.

For 22 years people have been screaming at me to make a small, single channel version of the Full-Drive that sounds like the early 90s Full-Drive2s. Well, it’s here...better late than never, I always say.

Enter the Full-Drive1 (FD1) with its JRC4558 opamp, full-size audiophile-grade capacitors, internal battery cradle, 9-18VDC operation, in a bullet-proof steel enclosure, top-mounted jacks, True-Bypass, a warmer early-90s Comp-Cut mode than any FD2, and an even more natural sounding Flat-Mids mode. Vintage (V) mode has gorgeous, cut-through-the-mix, MIDRANGE but with more harmonic content and a ton of sustain.Finally the sound of a late 90s to early 2000s Full-Drive without the boost channel and in the tiny pedal is the size of our Mas-Malo, with top-mounted jacks & power port.

This is as simple as it comes. Full-Drive 1 comes with Volume, Tone, Drive, and toggle bringing back the Flat-Mids (FM), vintage, and the infamous (for assaulting the front end of tube amps) Comp-Cut (CC) modes.

This pedals has also the Fulltone exclusive internally switchable "Enhanced Bypass" or "True-Bypass".

Soundwise this pedal has exactly yhe same full midrange Comp-Cut that was in the earliest FD2s, not the Flatter mids CC in later models. So even though the FD-1 will have the Flat-Mids mode, the Comp-Cut is the fuller-mids version identical to the "pre FM / pre-MOSFET" versions of the FD2.  and a JRC4558 chip for your go-to overdrive sound. Come home.

  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-18 V DC centre negative or 9 V battery. Approx. 10 mA.


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