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Fulltone Tube Tape Echo gives you the sound of a real tape echo equipped with a tube preamp. The inspiration behind Tube Tape Echo has been Maestro Echoplex, but the Tube Tape Echo is a lot more advanced due to improved noise handling and reliability. Used by Carlos Santana, John Fogerty, Jack White, Dan Auerbach, The Rolling Stones and many others.


    Guitar Volume: Controls the incoming guitar signal's strength. Thanks to the tube preamp it can be overdriven if desired.
    Echo Volume: Sets the volume of delay. Repeats get louder towards 5 o'clock.
    Echo Repeats: Sets the amount of repeats. At 7 o'clock there is one repeat, towards 5 o'clock the repeats begin to oscillate.
    Record Level: Sets the recording level for the tape echo. Delays get stronger towards 5 o'clock. Fulltone recommends to keep this control at 3-5 o'clock.
    Echo Tone: Controls the tone of repeats. At 7 o'clock the repeats are dark and on the background, towards 5 o'clock the repeats get brighter and more forward in the mix.
    Delay Time: This slider sets the length of delay along with Tape Speed switch.
    Tape Speed: Two-position switch which changes the tape rotating speed and the available delay time. At High Speed mode the sound is closer to the original signal, at Low Speed mode the sound is more lo-fi and closer to the original Echoplex. Delay times: Low Speed Mode: 40 ms - 1,3 seconds, High Speed Mode: 20 ms - 650 ms.
    Effect On/True Bypass switch: This switch bypasses the echo. Echo can also be bypassed with a footswitch inserted in the Echo Cancel input (Footswitch not included).
    Stereo Mode switch: Three-position switch which chooses between mono and stereo output modes. When using one amp the switch should be at mode 1 or 2 (there is no difference between the two), at mode 3 the repeats come out of one output and the dry signal from another output. If you use mode 3 at mono setting, you will only hear the repeats.
    • Power requirements: AC Power, Euro-style socket.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA


    Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, Fulltone

    Kategoria: Delay ja Echo

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