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Evidence Audio SIS & Monorail Patch Cable (15 cm, burgundy)

Evidence Audio



13 kpl jäljellä

This cable is premade with Evidence Audio SIS plug & Monorail cable. You can use this as a normal patch cable between your pedals. Even better, if your needs change, you can reuse the plugs as many times as you want.

Evidence Audio SiS-plug is a revolutionary phone plug that enables you to make reliable solder-free leads when used with the same company’s "Monorail"-cable. This plug is very compact, which frees up space on a well-filled pedalboard. Evidence Audio SiS-plugs are manufactured in the USA to the strictest quality standards.

We at Custom Boards have literally made thousands of patch cables using this plug, and we’re still baffled by the SiS-plug’s reliability and its ease of use. This plug’s secret ingredient is its internal brass thread, which is used to “screw in” the Monorail cable. This connector is extremely reliable and oxygen-free, making it – in many cases – a better solution than the traditional solder joint.

This is the angled version of the SiS-plug, even though you can use it for straight connections, too. This is the plug we use for 99 percent of the connections on our Custom Boards pedalboards.

Read the Evidence Audio SIS assembly guide or our Custom Boards DIY-guide for more information on using this plug with the "Monorail"-cable.

All Evidence-plugs come with our lifelong Custom Boards warrantee.

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