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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable -3.05m/10' Straight-Angle

Evidence Audio



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Evidence Audio The Lyric HG is meant to remove all the negative effects a guitar cable can have on your signal, sending the guitar signal onwards without compromises. The Lyric HG uses large-diameter copper conductors that transmit your signal pristinely and with all the top end intact.

Because the design has focused on the audio quality first and foremost, this cable is relatively stiff. This means it’s best for studio use or for gigs where the player is seated.

Evidence Audio The Lyric HG sounds extremely balanced and uncoloured. We’d recommend this cable for use with acoustic guitars or electric basses in front of a DI-box. If you suffer from a sound that’s too dark or muffled, this is the cable for you.

All Evidence-cables come with our lifelong Custom Boards warrantee.

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