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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station

Humboldt Electronics


The new DSM & Humboldt SIMPLIFIER BASS STATION is everything you ever needed to go direct to the FOH or recording amazing bass tones without sacrificing anything. 

It includes a Bass Preamp with gain, level, and a 3 band EQ with semi-parametric mid control. A parallel signal routing with a selectable LPF, dual FX loop (for preamp and parallel signal), and an amazing analog cabinet simulation, based on the acclaimed Omnicabsim ® by DSM Noisemaker.

Full amplifier-style signal chain, achieving unprecedented analog realism thanks to its mic’d cabinet simulation, dual FX loop, parallel signal chain, and a full-featured preamp based on the classic Ampeg SVT amp.


  • Ampeg SVT-style bass preamp
  • XLR outputs
  • Parallel FX loop and serial FX loop
  • Headphone output
  • Aux input
  • Power requirements: 9V-12V, 50mA to 100mA (if headphone out is used), Center negative


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