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Disaster Area cables - TRS Insert Cable (Right-Angle, 2 ft.)

Disaster Area



2 kpl jäljellä

Custom-made 2 ft. right-angle “insert” cable set.  Made in USA, these are the highest quality insert cables we have been able to find anywhere.


Insert connection for mixing consoles or audio interfaces

Split a stereo / TRS input or output to dual mono / TS plugs.

Convert a volume pedal to a TRS expression pedal

Connect to the loop of your JHS Panther Cub or vintage Marshall Guv’Nor pedal

Connect stereo devices to the Disaster Area DPC-4EZ (input and output)

Also works for stereo input on certain Strymon pedals (El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Brigadier,) Meris pedals (OttoBit Jr, Mercury7,) and Walrus Audio Descent Reverb.


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