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Disaster Area cables - MIDI Y-cable

Disaster Area



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Use MIDI Y-Cable to convert the single MIDI port into MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports.

The Disaster Area MIDI Y-cable is used to connect: 
FROM: 5-pin MIDI port of a Disaster Area gen. 3 DMC-series controller
TO: MIDI input or output of any 5-pin MIDI controller


Custom-made 2ft. MIDI input and output cable for the DMC Gen3 controllers.  Each plug may be rotated to one of eight positions just like our Premium MIDI Cables for ease of pedalboard placement.  The cable is slimmer in diameter than our standard cables for easy routing.

— What does this cable do? —

The Disaster Area MIDI Y Cable allows you to send MIDI data in to your DMC Gen3 controller, while at the same time allowing the controller to send data out.  You only need this cable if you plan to control your Gen3 from another MIDI controller or a laptop with a MIDI interface.

— Why on Earth would I want to connect a controller to my controller? —

Great question!  Maybe your band uses Pro Tools or Ableton for show control, in which case you could have your laptop change patches on your pedalboard using a Gen3 controller.  Maybe you want to send MIDI clock from a master rather than generating it on the Gen3.  Or maybe you want to use your older Gen2 controller as a dedicated looper control?  Just connect its output to the plug labeled INPUT, and the other plug to the first device in your MIDI chain.  The Gen3 will merge the data coming in provide a seamless experience.

— Can I use this to connect two devices to my Gen3? —

No.  Daisy-chain your devices from the Gen3 MIDI output in the following manner:  DMC Gen3 output -> Device 1 MIDI input, then Device 1 MIDI output -> Device 2 MIDI input.  Repeat as needed for all of your remaining devices.

— Does this cable work for my “Brand X” device? —

The center connector on this cable plugs in to a Gen3 Disaster Area product ONLY, but the other two ends can plug into just about anything.  Using this cable will convert the single MIDI port on your DMC or DPC Gen3 into MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports.  These IN and OUT ports may be connected to any standard MIDI device, so you can send messages into / thru the DMC Gen3 from another controller and out to another device.

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