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Disaster Area cables - Tap Tempo Cable for Strymon (1 ft, TRS, MJ-STT)

Disaster Area



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Send tempo from Disaster Area SMARTClock or MultiJack to Strymon pedals or use Disaster Area MultiJack as Favourite Switch for Strymon devices.

Disaster Area MJ-STT is used to connect:
FROM: MultiJack or SMARTClock (mono plug)
TO: Strymon device (TRS plug)


Custom-made TRS cable for interfacing the SMARTClock tempo output or the DPC-5 TRS output to Strymon devices.  Also works to connect the SMARTSwitch outputs as Favorite Switches to one or more Strymon devices.

Connects these devices:

DMC-3XL Gen3

DMC-4 Gen3

DMC-6 Gen3

DMC-8 Gen3

DPC-5 Gen3

TNT (works as tap or favorite)

SMARTClock (works as tap or favorite)

SMARTSwitch 2 (favorite only)

DPC-5 Gen1 or Gen2

DMC-3T (tap only)

To these devices:

Timeline (tap only)

Mobius (tap only)

BigSky (tap only)

Flint (tap or favorite)

Deco (tap or favorite)

DIG (tap or favorite)

El Capistan (favorite only)

Brigadier (favorite only)

Lex (favorite or rotary speed)

NOTE:  If you are using one of our dedicated tap tempo footswitches such as the DMT-1 or DMT-3, you do not need this cable to interface with your Strymon devices.  Ordering those footswitches with the “Strymon” configuration allows you to use a less expensive standard TRS cable.

NOTE:  If you are using a MIDI controller with your Timeline / BigSky / Mobius, you probably don’t need this cable.  Disaster Area controllers can easily send taps to your Strymon devices using MIDI.

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