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Diezel VH4-2

Diezel Amplification



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Diezel VH4-2 Pedal Overdrive/Preamp, effects pedal, based on Channel 3 and 4 of the legendary Diezel VH4 amplifier, works as either an overdrive effect or as a stand-alone preamp.

Independent "to power amp in" output is finely tuned for power amps or series effects loop inputs, in preamp mode, the Bypass switch mutes your signal.
  • 18V power supply cable included (for use with 2 x 9V isolated power supply outputs)
  • controls: gain 1 - master 1 - gain 2 - master 2 - bass - middle - treble - deep - presence,
  • LED: effect on/off - channel, footswitches: effect on/off - channel,
  • Connections: input (1/4" jack) - guitar amp output (1/4" jack) - power amp output (1/4" jack) - Remote input (1/4" jack)
  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 12-18 V DC centre negative (12 V DC PSU included). Less than 150 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA

Tuoteryhmät: Diezel, Efektit

Kategoria: Distortion

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