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Custom Boards Cab Splitter

Custom Boards Finland



Custom Board Cab Splitter enables the use of two speaker cabinets if you only have one output per impedance selection on your amp. Also doubles as an extension adapter for two speaker cables.

All the connections are wired parallel, so it doesn't matter to which connectors you plug your cables. If you want to use, for instance, two 16 ohm cabinets, attach them to the Cab Splitter with speaker cables. Then use a third speaker cable to plug into your amp's 8-ohm output.

Correspondingly, you also can use two 8 ohm cabs plugged into your amp's 4-ohm output. If you want to use it as an extension adapter for only one cab, just plug your speaker cables into the cab, Cab Splitter, and the corresponding impedance output of your amp.

  • No power needed
  • Made in Finland

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