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Best-Tronics Neutrik "D" Series patch panel (10 port)

Best Tronics


Get all of your connections on your pedalboard in one spot & locking with the Best-Tronics interface panel.

These panels allow you to have all of your ins/outs in one location, making for a much easier setup and takedown night in and night out. Another bonus to adding these panels, besides overall cleanliness, is the reduction of wear and tear on your pedal's jacks from constantly plugging/unplugging cables every night. The panels also allow for a locking and secure connection - no more tripping over cables and unplugging things!

Compatibility for Pedaltrain boards:

    -All Novo-, Classic- and Terra-models.

    This DIY kit includes:

    • 10 Port Panel, mounts to the rear of any current model of Pedaltrain with an open face
    • All mounting screws for panel and connectors
    • (10) rubber dust covers for covering solder points of connectors
    • (1) Drill Bit for drilling into Pedaltrain board
    • (10) Black Stick-On Ty-Wrap Saddles
    • (15) Black Ty-Wraps
    Please note that this kit does not come with connectors.

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