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Beetronix FX Royal Jelly

Beetronics FX



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Beetronix FX Royal Jelly gives you a powerful combination of overdrive and fuzz with independently switchable effect circuits and the ability to mix them with blend controls for each side.


Queen: Sets the blend with overdrive and fuzz.

King: Sets the blend with overdrive and fuzz.

Honey: Sets the gain for the ovedrive circuit.

Dry: Blends the dry signal with the effect.

Vol: Output level.

Lo: 10dB of cut/boost at 80Hz 

Hi: 10dB of cut/boost at 2kHz

Mode switch: Selects between Queen/King presets (Queen = orange, King = green).

Buzz switch: Adds high end frequency to the fuzz circuit.

Bypass switch: On/off true bypass.

  • Power requirements: 2.1mm 9V centre negative. Less than 100mA.
  • True bypass
  • Made in USA
  • Measurements: 15.6cm (width) x 12.9cm (depth)

Tuoteryhmät: Beetronics FX, Efektit

Kategoria: Fuzz, Overdrive

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