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Wampler dB+ Boost/Independent Buffer

Wampler Pedals


The Wampler dB+ gives you a booster and a buffer in one device. In contrast to many similar pedals, the dB+ has the advantage of letting you decide if you want the buffer on or off when the pedal is bypassed.

The Wampler dB+ offers these three options:

  • Use it as a booster with the buffer on when the boost is turned off.
  • Use it as a booster with the pedal going true bypass when turned off.
  • Use it as a buffer only with the switch turning the buffer on and off.


Boost: Sets the amount of volume boost. At 7 o’clock there’s no boost at all, and the pedal works only as a buffer if the buffer function has been turned on with the switch on the pedal’s side. Turning this knob clockwise will raise the amount of boost continuously.

Buffer switch: The switch on the pedal’s side lets you switch the buffer circuit on and off. This allows you to use the dB+ as a switchable buffer, so the buffer won’t mess up any fuzz pedals further down the signal chain.

  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-18 V DC center negative. 8 mA.
  • True bypass or buffered bypass, depending on the setting of the pedal’s bypass switch (on the unit’s side).
  • No-noise relay footswitch. There are no pops or crackles when stepping on the switch.
  • Made in the USA.


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