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Musicom Lab Parallelizer

Musicom Lab


Parallelizer is a parallel effect loop system that has 3 Mono SENDs and can mix 3 Stereo RETURNs and dry signal. You can preserve your dry signal by using the Parallelizer, which can result in loss of dry signal when using the digital effect pedals or when connecting the effect pedals in series. The audio signal flow of the Parallelizer is all designed as an analog circuit. Also, components used for internal buffers, mixer circuits, etc. are high quality. It has the MIDI IN function, which allows you to control the on/off function of the dry and each wet signal via an external MIDI pedal.

Main Features:
  • 3 x mono sends, 3 x stereo returns, and dry
  • Adjust the effect level and dry level through each Knob
  • Operates in 4 modes (Manual, MIDI PC, MIDI CC, MIDI PC+CC)
  • 128 memory locations (when using MIDI PC)
  • The 9V power input is converted to a +/-12V internally for any audio level
  • Firmware update is available via MIDI.
  • Heavy-duty footswitches
  • Powered by 9 VDC (center negative), 130 mA
  • Dimensions : 160 (W) x 96 (D) x 71 (H) mm
  • Weight: 570 g

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