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Lehle Dual SGoS




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Lehle Dual SGoS allows you to play through two amplifiers individually or simultaneously. Additional third output for a tuner. Ground loop hum that is a result of operating two amps simultaneously is prevented with Lehle LTHZ isolation transformer. Gold-plated relays, ground switches, and phase inverter switches ensure that your sound stays lossless and noise-free.

    Input A/B/T: Input jack for incoming mono signal. If the power supply to Dual SGoS is compromised, the input signal is automatically routed to outputs A and B.
    Input A: The signal from this input is routed only to output A. Therefore the channels of a stereo signal can be directed to different outputs.
    Output T: Output for a tuner or a third amplifier. Note: If you use output T for connecting a third amp, outputs B and T share a ground connection. Therefore you will need an isolation transformer (eg. Lehle P-Split) between output B and T.
    Outputs A and B:ᅠ Outputs for two amps. Output B is the ground connection for Dual SGoS and the instrument, therefore it should always be connected. There is an isolation transformer between outputs A and B which can be turned on if you encounter ground loop hum when using two amplifiers simultaneously.
    &infin switch: This switch inverts the output A phase180 degrees and prevents phase cancellation. Turn phase invert on if the sound is weaker when both outputs are on simultaneously.
    ⏚ switch: This switch isolates the ground loops between outputs A and B. If you encounter ground loop hum when outputs A and B are on simultaneously, press this switch.
    Midi connection (left corner): With the MIDI connection you can connect Dual with other Lehle SGoS series switchers and get the Dual to receive and transmit program change commands. See manual for more information on Midi.
    Footswitches: Three high-quality switches that are virtually indestructible (designed to withstand over one million presses). These switch the amplifiers on and off in the basic mode. The left switch controls output A, the center controls output B, and the right switch controls output T. In programming mode, the switches switch on the combination of outputs designed to them. See manual for more information on programming modes.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 8-20 V DC center negative. 97 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Germany


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