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Cioks Power Supply Cioks 4 - Future Power Generation (Power adapter kit included)




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The Cioks 4 Adapter Kit includes a power adapter for stand-alone use.

CIOKS 4 Adapter Kit is the perfect solution if you are looking for a stand-alone power supply for a smaller pedalboard. With CIOKS 4 Adapter Kit you get four outlets with four selectable voltages on each tap (9, 12, 15, and 18V DC) which deliver 660mA at 9V DC each. Simply plug the supplied adapter into an AC socket, plug it into CIOKS 4 and you are good to go. CIOKS 4 Adapter Kit also comes with a bracket for mounting the adapter to your board.

To further improve on the flexibility of the CIOKS 4 Adapter Kit it can also be powered by connecting it to a USB power bank via its 5V USB C input in case you are playing somewhere where plugging your pedalboard into AC plug is not an option.

• CIOKS 4 has the same groundbreaking 1-inch profile (25,4mm) as CIOKS DC7
• Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering
• 4 isolated DC-outlets, 6W each
• 660mA at 9V DC on each outlet
• 4 selectable voltages on each outlet
• 5V USB C input for powering the unit with a power bank
• Global overload status LED
• Total maximum output power 24W
• Mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Templeaudio boards included
• Mounting bracket for the 24V power adapter included
• Compatible with CIOKS Mini GRIP for drill-free mounting underneath Pedaltrain boards*
• 5 Flex cables included
• Designed in Denmark, assembled in Poland
• 5-year worldwide warranty


24V power adapter:
Input: 100-240V AC (universal mains)

Cioks 4:
Input 1: 5V DC (USB C socket)
Input 2: 9-24V DC or 9-12V AC (non-polarized 5,5/2,1mm DC socket)
Outlet 1-4: 9V DC / 660mA or
12V DC / 500mA or
15V DC / 400mA or
18V DC / 330mA each

Flex cables included:
• 2x 1030 – Type 1 - 5,5/2,1mm DC-plug, centre negative, L-shape, 30cm (black)
• 2x 1050 – Type 1 - 5,5/2,1mm DC-plug, centre negative, L-shape, 50cm (black)
• 1 x 1533 – 3-way daisy chain Flex type 1, 30+30+50cm (black)


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