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Lehle Module SW-L




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The Lehle Module SW-L is a true bypass switching unit with a relay and an active pop suppression function controlled by an intelligent microcontroller circuit, allowing the Lehle Module SW-L to switch even faster than mechanical switches, noise-free and without wear. In combination with the Lehle Switch BTN, it is the perfect replacement for the standard 3PDT latching switch, which can be unreliable and noisy.
The size of the module is smaller than a 9-volt battery - so if it’s used as a true bypass unit, it can be easily placed in the battery compartment of an effects pedal. The Lehle Module SW-L can also be used to switch between two instruments with one amp, or vice versa, between two amps with one instrument.

• Compact true bypass switching unit
• Equipped with a gold-plated contact relay for lossless signal routing
• Active pop suppression circuit
• Can be used as an AB-switch
• Three different operating modes: Latching, Momentary or Mixed Mode
• Fits perfectly to the Lehle Switch BTN
• Fully molded in a shielded metal can with leads

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