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Evidence Audio Forte Instrument Cable -6.10m/20' Straight-Straight

Evidence Audio



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Evidence Audio The Forte combines loss-free signal quality with a flexible feel. You could describe this cable as the big brother of the burgundy Evidence Audio Monorail, our patch cable favourite.

The Forte’s design is based on the effective isolation of the copper strands inside the conductors. This has made it possible to make this lead flexible enough for stage use, where a single thick copper conductor would have been too stiff.

In audio terms, Evidence Audio The Forte is almost identical to Evidence’s studio-grade The Lyric HG-cable. We’d recommend this cable for use with acoustic guitars or electric basses in front of a DI-box. If you suffer from a sound that’s too dark or muffled, this is the cable for you.

All Evidence-cables come with our lifelong Custom Boards warrantee.

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