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Wampler Ethereal - Reverb and Delay

Wampler Pedals



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Wampler Ethereal is a clean articulate delay, textured with a lush deep reverb that will fill the soundscape with light, air, ambiance and beauty. Pedal can create complex and exquisite ambient textures, but with the easy of use and functionality.

4 different delay combination modes:

  • normal
  • triplet added onto normal delay
  • dotted eighth added into the normal delay
  • dotted eighth + normal delay but it feeds back into itself for ambient fun

Trails mode:

A relay based true-bypass footswitch ensures that your signal is unaffected when not in trails (side button OUT) mode. When in Trails mode (side button pressed IN), your delay and reverb decay and repeats will slowly fade out over the course of a few seconds.

Two mix knobs:

Ethereal allows you to create the perfect blend for each of the delay and reverb signals, making the ambient textures tumble over your signal while still retaining your full and beautiful analog tone.

Feedback Knob:

Going past 3pm on the feedback knob will result in the delay and reverb starting to self-oscillate. When it is oscillating, you can create some really trippy 8-bit motorcycle sounds by adjusting the delay knob to a slower setting.

Please see the manual below for suggested settings in various playing styles.

  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm connector, 9 Volts DC, centre negative. Runs on external power supply or 9 V battery. 66mA (at 9v) and 68mA (at 18v).
  • No-noise relay footswitch. There are no pops or crackles when stepping on the switch.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Lifetime Custom Boards support.


Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, Wampler

Kategoria: Delay ja Echo, Reverb

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