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Keeley Bubble Tron Dynamic Flanger Phaser

Keeley Electronics


Robert Keeley Bubble Tron gives you dynamic flanger and phaser effects with the additional step filter for random weirdness. Gives you sounds and possibilities not available in other modulation pedals. Bubble Tron has been inspired by Frank Zappa's use of modulation.
    Mode Switch: Chooses the effect type.
    Flange Mode draws inspiration from a device called MicMix DynaFlanger which Zappa used extensively in the 1970s and 1980s in his solos. Flanger works dynamically, so it is activated and deactivated by your playing. Regular flanger effects just rotate steadily even if you are not playing.
    Phase Mode gives you two different phaser effects. One has a speed-controlled with Rate control and dynamically changing depth. The other phaser works totally dynamically so it starts and stops according to your pick attack.
    Filter Mode gives you synth-like sounds while you can control the waveform with the Depth control. In this mode, the Sensitivity control works like bandpass filters in vintage synths.
    Rate: In Filter and Phaser modes this controls sets modulation speed. In Flange mode this control sets feedback. At 7 o'clock maximum negative feedback, at 5 o'clock maximum positive feedback.
    Sensitivity: In Filter mode, this control sets the resonance. In Phase and Flange modes sets input sensitivity, ie. how easily the effect is activated. Start from 7 o'clock and adjust to suit your instrument and your playing dynamics.
    Depth: In Phase and Flange modes sets modulation depth. In Filter, mode chooses the LFO waveform from four different options displayed around the control.
    Level: Sets output volume level.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC center negative. 65 mA.
    • True bypass.
    • Made in the USA.

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