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Keeley 30 ms Automatic Double Tracker

Keeley Electronics



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Keeley 30 ms Automatic Double Tracker gives you several classic doubling effects regularly created in the studio, which make your sound thicker and fuller. Thanks to its TRS output the pedal also works in stereo.

You can use this pedal with any sound source. 30 ms also has a built-in reverb which was inspired the echo chamber in Abbey Road Studio 2, the sound which is familiar to anyone who has been listening to pop music in the last five decades.

    Controls and features:
    Mode: Three-position switch in the middle of the pedal which chooses the effect type in use.
    Dimension mode creates two voices which are tuned slightly differently. Pitch can be controlled with the Tuning control. Maximum delay in this mode is 30 ms.
    Abbey mode is a simluation of a double tracking effect used by The Beatles and other artists who recorded at Abbey Road during the 1960's. One delayed signal with modulation which sounds like it is created by manually slowing down a tape machine.
    Slapback mode creates a classic slapback delay with delay on the range 30 ms - 120 ms. Two voices that can be fine-tuned.
    Time: Controls delay time. 0-30 ms in other modes, 30-120 ms in slapback mode.
    Level: Sets output volume level.
    Reverb: Sets the amount of vintage-style chamber reverb. Frequency cuts at 600 Hz and 10 kHz.
    Tuning: In Dimension and Slapback modes this setting controls the pitch of doubling voices. Range +/-30 cents. In Abbey mode this setting controls modulation depth and speed.
    Internal Dip Switches: Inside the pedal there are two DIP switches which activate different combinations of the sounds available. Please see manual for further information.
    TRS output: Output is mono if a mono plug and cable is connected. When you use a TRS cable, the other output carries the dry signal, other the effect signal.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. 65 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA

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