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Disaster Area MIDI-Box for Chase Bliss, Empress, and Meris

Disaster Area



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MIDI interface converts standard 5-pin MIDI to 1/4″ configuration for up to four Chase Bliss, Empress, or Meris devices.

Four Control Ports connect to Chase Bliss Audio products using a TRS cable or to Empress / Meris products using a TS cable.

Internal jumpers allow the user to assign each Control Port to output either on the tip (Empress / Meris) or ring (Chase Bliss) and to reconfigure at any time.

Equipped with a dedicated hardware MIDI thru connection to allow interfacing with a variety of other MIDI gear.

Supported Devices:

Chase Bliss Audio:  Brothers, Warped Vinyl MkI & MkII, Wombtone MkI & MkII, Gravitas, Spectre, Tonal Recall (use CBA settings)

Empress Effects:  Tremolo 2, Phaser, Reverb (use EMP settings)

Meris:  Mercury 7 pedal, OttoBit Jr. pedal (use EMP settings)

Please note that device support also requires a compatible MIDI controller.  The MIDIBox is a data converter only, and won’t magically make your controller work with these devices.  If you’re not sure about controller support, contact your controller manufacturer!

  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. 10 mA.

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