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Cioks Cable Flex 7050 - Type 7 - RCA to 2-pin DIN2 plug (50 cm)




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This blue Type 7 Flex cable is blue and fitted with a straight 2 pin DIN plug. This plug type was widely used in older loudspeakers but the only pedals we know which use this standard are eight older vacuum tube pedals from Electro-Harmonix all intended for powering with 12V AC.

The eight Electro-Harmonix pedals where the blue type 7 Flex should be used are:

  • Hot Tubes
  • Tube Zipper
  • The Wiggler
  • Black Finger
  • LPB 2ube
  • Tube EQ
  • English Muff’n
  • 12AY7 Mic Preamp

All eight draw less than 800mA and can be powered of a single 12V AC outlet of the AC Rider, AC10, or CIOKOLATE. 

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