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Best-Tronics MIDI Cable with rotating angled plug (45 cm)

Best Tronics



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5-pin MIDI cable with rotating plugs.

Length: 45 cm

    • Four soft copper conductors with 0.5 mm diameter
    • Cable diameter 0.63 cm
    • Hand-soldered
    • Made in USA

    A recurring problem with building pedalboards is the MIDI-connections of digital pedals. They are often situated in tight places and their orientation is either upwards or downwards depending on the manufacturer. Best-Tronics offers MIDI-cables of different lengths with rotatable angled Switchcraft connectors. The connectors enable neat MIDI-cabling for your board.

    Tuoteryhmät: Best-Tronics, Johdot ja Liittimet

    Kategoria: MIDI-johdot

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